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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Colors, Confetti, and the Easter Bunny

Our first Easter was my first major outing by myself to my Gurney's (my grandma). Each year, we dye eggs for the Easter bunny to hide Sunday morning. It's always paired with Gurney's yummy cooking, confetti eggs, and great family time. This year was quite different. The twins were such a hit with my younger cousins! They love them so much! I can't wait for B&K to be big enough to play and run around with them. Not to mention, I got a much needed break from the every 4 hour task of feeding, changing diapers,ect.
Branden's company has been working the guys so hard, which I am thankful for, but get frustrated with because of the unpredictability of the oil feild...He unfortunately wasn't in town for our first Easter Sunday. So the bambinos and I stayed at home and relaxed.
I never understood how two babies who should (in theory) lay in thier bouncy seats or on playmats be so much work! I did have a slight melt down. Let's face it...2 babies, one month old, husband out of town, and me trying to be super mom...it was bound to happen. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law who picked up may babies and took them to her house so I could sleep ALL day! Whew, what a fantastic recharge day!!!
Babies are growing and thier little personalities are awesome! Their cries are so distict (to me at least). I'm waiting for the day they smile and start thier cutesy sounds.

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